Black Metal Revelation Tour 2023

European tour next year!

Posted: 9 Dec. 2022

Beyond the Gates

We will play our hometown of Bergen at Beyond the Gates in 2023. This will be our only performance in Norway next year. Festival passes can be purchased through this link:

Posted: 21 Nov. 2022


More festivals confirmed!

22-25.06.2022 - Finland, Nummijärvi @ Nummirock Festival
2-4.09.2022 - UK, London @ UK Deathfest

Posted: 27 Feb. 2022

Winter Metal Magic Fredericia

We will be headlining Winter Metal Magic Fredericia which takes place October 21-22 2022 in Fredericia, Denmark. Hopefully Covid is not an obstacle anymore and our shows will go on as planned this year which also marks our 30th anniversary! Our first upcoming show will be at INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL NORWAY in Oslo April 15th. More news on live shows will be announced within the coming weeks.

Posted: 30 Jan. 2022

Phobos signs endorsement deal with Axis Percussion

Phobos signs endorsement deal with Axis Percussion! He has this to say about the new partnership:
Axis has been my weapon of choice since switching from chain drive to direct drive pedals 13 years ago.

They are the fastest, smoothest, most accurate pedals on the market. I am very proud to be endorsing a product that has been the most essential part of my gear all these years. I now play Axis A-Longboards with the Microtune spring tensioner.

Photo by Vegard Fimland

Posted: 29 Aug. 2020

Meh Suff! Metal-Festival

Gorgoroth will perform at the Meh Suff! Metal-Festival in Switzerland 4-5 September 2020.

Posted: 14 Jun. 2020

Inferno Festival 2021

Inferno Festival 2021 confirmed!

Posted: 22 Mar. 2020


Gorgoroth is confirmed for the Nummirock festival in Finland, June 17-20.

Posted: 10 Feb. 2020

Endorsement Announcement

Gorgoroth bassist and drummer are proud to announce the following endorsement deals:

Guh.Lu endorses ESP Guitars and plays ESP-LTD D-4 and AP-4 Black Metal Series.

Phobos endorses FootBlaster (bass drum triggers) and Soundhoops (hoops and microphones).

We are looking forward to bringing our new gear on stage. As previously announced our next upcoming show will be at Inferno Metal Festival in Oslo, Norway April, 10th 2020.

Posted: 8 Jan. 2020

Inferno Festival 2020

Gorgoroth is confirmed for next year's Inferno Festival in Oslo, April 9-12.

Posted: 2 Oct. 2019

Radix Malorum

Etter en tids produktutvikling er Infernus og Phobos i samarbeid med Lysefjorden Mikrobryggeri stolte av å kunne presentere følgende:

- Radix Malorum - Flava Cervicia Coloniae
(German pale ale/Kölsch style)

- Radix Malorum - Atra Cervicia Imperialis
(Imperial brown ale)

Produktene vil være tilgjengelig hos Vinmonopolet fra 1. mars 2019, og etter hvert på et utvalg utesteder i Bergen og Norge ellers.

Hvis du ikke klarer å vente, fortvil ikke! Produktene vil være eksklusivt tilgjengelig på Inside Live & Rock Cafe (Vaskerelvsmauet 7, Bergen) en måned i forkant, hvor det vil bli avholdt en uformell lanserings-event 1. februar 2019 med venner og kjente, deriblant representanter fra Gorgoroth og crew, samt Lysefjorden Mikrobryggeri og DJs Hoest, Phobos og Dirge Rep.


Finally, after some time of product development, Infernus and Phobos, in collaboration with Lysefjorden Microbrewery, are proud to present the following:

- Radix Malorum - Flava Cervicia Coloniae
(German pale ale/Kölsch style)

- Radix Malorum - Atra Cervicia Imperialis
(Imperial brown ale)

The products will be available at Vinmonopolet in Norway from 1. March 2019, and subsequently at selected bars and pubs in Bergen and elsewhere in Norway.

If you cannot wait, nil desperandum! The products will be exclusively available at Inside Live & Rock Cafe (Vaskerelvsmauet 7, Bergen) a month in advance, on 1. February 2019, at an informal launch event with friends and acquaintances, including representatives from Gorgoroth and crew, as well as Lysefjorden Microbrewery and DJs Hoest, Phobos and Dirge Rep.

Posted: 20 Jan. 2019

Something is brewing

More information to be announced Sunday, January 20th. Fear it!

Posted: 16 Jan. 2019

Japan Tour

Posted: 17 Jun. 2018

Mexican Tour 2018

The final dates of Gorgoroth’s upcoming tour of Mexico are as follows:

June 14 - Torreón @ Metrópoli
June 15 - San Luis Potosí @ Bunker
June 16 - Mexico City @ Circo Volador
June 17 - Chihuahua @ El Nido del Jabali

After a six month break after the December 2017 tour the band is very excited to return to Mexico - for the third year in a row. Hell awaits!

Posted: 22 May 2018

Mexican Tour 2018

Posted: 29 Mar. 2018

Mexican Tour

Mexico - June 2018! More details to follow.

Posted: 23 Mar. 2018

Latin America Tour - December 2017

Posted: 29 Sep. 2017

Blood Stains Europe - Gorgoroth 25th Anniversary Tour Part 2

In November 2017 Gorgoroth will embark on the 2nd part (of 4) of the band's 25th anniversary tour of Europe. Special guests on the tour will be fellow Norwegians Gehenna. Additional support bands TBA. The 3rd and 4th parts of the anniversary tour are planned for 2018, through the UK/France/Iberian peninsula and the Baltics/Scandinavia.

November dates:

01.11.2017 - Czech Republic, Ostrava @ Barrack
02.11.2017 - Slovakia, Bratislava @ Randal
03.11.2017 - Hungary, Budapest @ Blue Hell
04.11.2017 - Romania, Cluj-Napoca @ Flying Circus
05.11.2017 - Romania, Bucharest @ Quantic
06.11.2017 - Serbia, Novi Sad @ The Quarter
07.11.2017 - Slovenia, Ljubljana @ Orto Bar
08.11.2017 - Austria, Innsbruck @ VAZ Hafen
09.11.2017 - Italy, Brescia @ Colony
10.11.2017 - Italy, Vercelli @ Officine Sonore
11.11.2017 - Italy, San Donà di Piave @ Revolver
13.11.2017 - Germany, Mannheim @ MS Connexion Complex
14.11.2017 - Germany, Osnabrück @ Bastard
15.11.2017 - Germany, Oberhausen @ Helvete
16.11.2017 - Germany, Leipzig @ Hellraiser
17.11.2017 - Holland, Eindhoven @ Dynamo
18.11.2017 - Belgium, Arlon @ L'Entrepôt d'Arlon
19.11.2017 - Holland, Amstelveen @ P60

Posted: 22 Sep. 2017

More Than Fest 2017 Cancelled

Regrettably, today we have been informed that the More Than Fest 2017 in Slovakia, where Gorgoroth was scheduled to perform, has been cancelled by the promoters. As we do not have any further information about this, any questions should be directed to the promoters.

Posted: 18 Aug. 2017

Mörkaste Småland Festival

Gorgoroth will headline the Mörkaste Småland Festival in Hultsfred, Sweden, on Friday 29. September, 2017. For more info, go to

Posted: 7 Jun. 2017

Slovakian Festival Confirmed

Gorgoroth will perform at the More Than Fest in Slovakia on 19. August 2017.

Posted: 7 Jun. 2017

Blood Stains Mexico - 25 Anniversary
Tour 2017

29.06.2017 - Mexico, Monterrey @ La Escena
30.06.2017 - Mexico, Guadalajara @ Bodega Cultural Water Blue
01.07.2017 - Mexico, Mexico City @ Circo Volador
02.07.2017 - Mexico, Mérida @ LIVE Stage

Posted: 4 May 2017

New Mexican Date

New Mexican date added: July 2, 2017 - Mérida, Yucatán @ LIVE Stage.

Posted: 18 Apr. 2017


Gorgoroth will perform at the Circo Volador in Mexico City on July 1, 2017. More Mexican dates TBA.

Posted: 30 Mar. 2017

Tour Recap + Live Updates

Gorgoroth recently returned to Norway after a successful European tour - the first part of Gorgoroth's 25th Anniversary. The tour went really well, with both great audiences, crew and support bands. Next up will be the Inferno Festival in Oslo in April, and Mexico in the summer. Currently in the planning stages are a Latin American tour in September 2017 and a second leg of the European tour in October 2017.

Photo by Ottar Stangeland

Posted: 28 Mar. 2017

Blood Stains Europe

Gorgoroth 25th Anniversary Tour 2017

07.03.2017 – Belgium, Kortrijk @ De Kreun
08.03.2017 – Holland, Utrecht @ De Helling
09.03.2017 – Holland, Leiden @ Nobel
10.03.2017 – Holland, Drachten @ Poppodium Iduna
11.03.2017 – Germany, Essen @ Turock
12.03.2017 – Germany, Erfurt @ Club From Hell
13.03.2017 – Germany, Kassel @ Kulturzentrum K19
14.03.2017 – Germany, Freiburg @ Crash Musikkeller
15.03.2017 – Italy, Erba (CO) @ Centrale
16.03.2017 – Germany, Munich @ Backstage
17.03.2017 – Italy, San Donà di Piave @ Revolver
18.03.2017 – Hungary, Budapest @ Durer Kert
19.03.2017 – Czech Republic, Prague @ Nova Chmelnice
20.03.2017 – Poland, Wrocław @ Zaklęte Rewiry
21.03.2017 – Poland, Poznań @ U Bazyla
22.03.2017 – Poland, Warsaw @ Proxima

Posted: 3 Feb. 2017

Gorgoroth at Inferno

Gorgoroth will headline the Friday of the Inferno Festival in Oslo on 14.04.2017.

Posted: 30 Jan. 2017

Netherlands Deathfest II

Gorgoroth will perform at the Netherlands Deathfest II in Tilburg in March 2017. More info to follow.

Posted: 25 Apr. 2016

Under the Sign of Hell 2011

"Under the Sign of Hell 2011" will be re-released through Soulseller Records on June 17, 2016. All formats available.

Posted: 25 Apr. 2016

Steelfest Open Air 2016

Gorgoroth will headline Steelfest Open Air in Hyvinkää, Finland, on Saturday May 21, 2016.

Posted: 4 Apr. 2016


Gorgoroth will return to Indonesia next month, to perform at the Hammersonic Open Air Festival in Jakarta on April 17, 2016.

Posted: 14 Mar. 2016

Throne Fest 2016

Gorgoroth will headline Throne Fest in Belgium which takes place on 14.-15. May 2016.

Posted: 1 Dec. 2015

Blackfest over X-Mass 2015

Gorgoroth will be headlining an 11 date European tour in December 2015, with Kampfar and Gehenna as support:

09.12.2015 - Germany, Trier @ Exhaus
10.12.2015 - UK, Bristol @ The Fleece
11.12.2015 - UK, London @ The Dome
12.12.2015 - UK, Manchester @ Sound Control
13.12.2015 - Holland, Rotterdam @ Baroeg
14.12.2015 - Switzerland, Zürich @ Dynamo
15.12.2015 - Germany, Munich @ Backstage
16.12.2015 - Italy, Brescia @ Circolo Colony
17.12.2015 - Slovenia, Nova Gorica @ Mostovna
18.12.2015 - Czech Republic, Prague @ Nová Chmelnice
19.12.2015 - Poland, Warsaw @ Progresja

In other news, Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt was re-released today on CD through Soulseller Records.

Posted: 6 Nov. 2015

Frank Watkins

Rest in peace Frank Watkins (19.02.1968-18.10.2015). He will be missed.

Posted: 18 Oct. 2015

Mexican Mini Tour - September 2015

After the successful concert in Indonesia in May 2015 (with support from Bergen kommune) Gorgoroth are pleased to announce that the band will return to Mexico in September 2015, for the first time since 2010. The dates of the mini tour are as follows:

September 17th - Monterrey @ La Escena
September 18th - San Luis Potosi @ Bunker
September 19th - Mexico City @ Circo Volador
September 20th - Guadalajara @ La Mutualista

Posted: 9 Aug. 2015

ESP Endorsement

Infernus is now endorsed by ESP Guitars.

Posted: 15 Jul. 2015

Instinctus Bestialis Out Now!

The new Gorgoroth album "Instinctus Bestialis" was released today, and has been well-received:

Rock Hard (GER) - 8/10
Crank It Up (SWE) - 8/10
Metal Maniac (BR) - 10/10
Scream Magazine (NO) - 5/6
Helvete Magazine (NO) - 6/6
Eternal Terror (NO) - 5,5/6
Inside The Coffin (NL) - 80/100
Terra Relicta (SLO) - 9/10
The Midlands Rocks (UK) - 8/10
Infernal Masquerade (USA) - 93/100
Metalnews (GER) - 5,5/7
Mega Metal (GER) - 8/10
Time For Metal (GER) - 9/10
Rockerilla (IT) - Album of the month

The album is available on all major digital platforms.
CD, vinyl and T-shirts are available through Soulseller Records.

A sample from the album can be streamed at Terrorizer's website.

Posted: 8 Jun. 2015

Blastfest 2016

It is now official: Gorgoroth will perform at Blastfest 2016 in Bergen, Norway, as the headliner on Thursday 18 February 2016.

Posted: 21 Mar. 2015

Instinctus Bestialis - Release Date and Label News

Gorgoroth has signed to Soulseller Records, who will release the band's new album "Instinctus Bestialis" on 8. June 2015 on CD/vinyl and digital (available through Amazon, Spotify, iTunes etc.).

Instinctus Bestialis track listing:

1. Radix Malorum
2. Dionysian Rite
3. Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus
4. Come Night
5. Burn in His Light
6. Rage
7. Kala Brahman
8. Awakening

Instinctus Bestialis was recorded with financial support from Bergen Kommune.

Posted: 6 Mar. 2015

First Ever Concert in Asia Confirmed

It is now confirmed that Gorgoroth will perform at Ki 6enden6 Pamun6kas' "Brutalize In The Darkness" event in Bogor, Indonesia on May 10th, 2015. This one-off show will be Gorgoroth's first show ever in Asia.

Posted: 3 Feb. 2015

Tour Recap, Upcoming Festivals and Album Update

Gorgoroth's March/April 2014 European tour (supported by Bergen kommune, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FFUK) went very well, with great turnouts and feedback from the audience. The band wants to thank the crew as well as Vital Remains for their help making it such a great tour.

As for upcoming concerts, Gorgoroth will headline the Temple stage at Hellfest in Clisson, France, on Saturday 21th June 2014, and will also be performing at the Getaway Rock Festival in Gävle, Sweden, on 8th August 2014.

Mixing of the new Gorgoroth album "Instinctus Bestialis" has been completed, and the album will be mastered at Cutting Room in July 2014.

Posted: 15 Jun. 2014

Swiss Date Added to Tour

Gorgoroth have added a concert in Zurich, Switzerland, on March 31 to the upcoming European tour. The updated tour schedule is:

19.03.2014 - Poland, Warszawa @ Progresja Music Zone
20.03.2014 - Poland, Katowice @ Mega Club
21.03.2014 - Germany, Erfurt @ From Hell
22.03.2014 - Germany, Berlin @ K17
23.03.2014 - Czech Republic, Ostrava @ Barrak Music Club
24.03.2014 - Slovakia, Bratislava @ Randall
25.03.2014 - Austria, Wien @ Szene
26.03.2014 - Austria, Graz @ Explosiv
27.03.2014 - Austria, Kufstein @ Kulturfabrik
28.03.2014 - Italy, Rome @ Traffic
29.03.2014 - Italy, Bologna @ Zona Roveri
30.03.2014 - Italy, Milano @ The Factory Club
31.03.2014 - Switzerland, Zurich @ Alte Kaserne
01.04.2014 - France, Paris @ Divan du Monde
02.04.2014 - UK, Cardiff @ The Globe
03.04.2014 - UK, Manchester @ Sound Control
04.04.2014 - Ireland, Dublin @ Voodoo Lounge
05.04.2014 - UK, Glasgow @ Audio
06.04.2014 - UK, London @ The Garage
08.04.2014 - Holland, Rotterdam @ Baroeg
10.04.2014 - Holland, Alkmaar @ Podium Victorie
11.04.2014 - Germany, Oberhausen @ Helvete
12.04.2014 - Denmark, Copenhagen @ Pumpehuset

Posted: 8 Mar. 2014

European Tour Spring 2014 - All Tour Dates

The complete tour dates of the upcoming European tour with Vital Remains are now ready:

19.03.2014 - Poland, Warszawa @ Progresja Music Zone
20.03.2014 - Poland, Katowice @ Mega Club
21.03.2014 - Germany, Erfurt @ From Hell
22.03.2014 - Germany, Berlin @ K17
23.03.2014 - Czech Republic, Ostrava @ Barrak Music Club
24.03.2014 - Slovakia, Bratislava @ Randall
25.03.2014 - Austria, Wien @ Szene
26.03.2014 - Austria, Graz @ Explosiv
27.03.2014 - Austria, Kufstein @ Kulturfabrik
28.03.2014 - Italy, Rome @ Traffic
29.03.2014 - Italy, Bologna @ Zona Roveri
30.03.2014 - Italy, Milano @ The Factory Club
01.04.2014 - France, Paris @ Divan du Monde
02.04.2014 - UK, Cardiff @ The Globe
03.04.2014 - UK, Manchester @ Sound Control
04.04.2014 - Ireland, Dublin @ Voodoo Lounge
05.04.2014 - UK, Glasgow @ Audio
06.04.2014 - UK, London @ The Garage
08.04.2014 - Holland, Rotterdam @ Baroeg
10.04.2014 - Holland, Alkmaar @ Podium Victorie
11.04.2014 - Germany, Oberhausen @ Helvete
12.04.2014 - Denmark, Copenhagen @ Pumpehuset

Posted: 17 Feb. 2014

European Tour Dates

The first dates of Gorgoroth's European tour with Vital Remains in spring 2014 are now ready. More dates will follow.

21.03.2014 (GER) Erfurt / From Hell
29.03.2014 (ITA) Bologna / Circo Colony
30.03.2014 (ITA) Milano / The Factory Club
02.04.2014 (UK) Cardiff / The Globe
03.04.2014 (UK) Manchester / Sound Control
04.04.2014 (IRE) Dublin / Voodoo Lounge
05.04.2014 (UK) Glasgow / Audio
06.04.2014 (UK) London / The Garage
08.04.2014 (HOL) Rotterdam / Baroeg
10.04.2014 (HOL) Alkmaar / Podium Victorie
11.04.2014 (GER) Oberhausen / Helvete

Posted: 3 Feb. 2014

Under the Sign of Hell 2011 Availability

The Gorgoroth album "Under the Sign of Hell 2011", previously available only as a collector's item limited to a total of 1500 CDs in 2011, is now available for download at Klicktrack, iTunes and, as well as for streaming on Spotify. Follow the links above to download/stream the album!

Posted: 17 Jan. 2014

New Album Finished

The recording of the next Gorgoroth album "Instinctus Bestialis" was completed in December 2013, and mixing of the album will begin this month. The album contains 8 tracks, and the recording line-up was: Atterigner (vocals), Infernus (guitars), Bøddel (bass) and Asklund (drums).

Posted: 2 Jan. 2014

Album Recording Begins

All demos and pre-recordings for the next Gorgoroth album "Instinctus Bestialis" have been completed, and Tomas Asklund has now started recording the drums for the album. The band has also made an endorsement deal with Jim Dunlop.

Posted: 11 Sep. 2013

2014 European Tour

Gorgoroth will do a long headliner tour through Europe in March and April 2014. The tour will be handled by Massive Music. Venues/dates and support bands will be announced at a later point in time.

Posted: 22 Aug. 2013

Summer Festival Confirmed

Gorgoroth will make one exclusive summer festival appearance in 2013, at the Hammer Open Air Metal Festival, which takes place in Finland on 19-20 July. The festival also features Candlemass, Venom and others. Gorgoroth will be headlining on Friday 19 July, 2013. Tickets are already available - see for more info.

Posted: 20 Jun. 2013

Asian Tour Clarification

For the past months there have been negotiations going on for a Gorgoroth tour of Asia in February 2013. This 8 concert tour, which would have had support by Belphegor and NervoChaos, will unfortunately not take place after all. We will not, under any circumstances, work with the promoter Shah Rizal (Vokill Records, Malaysia). We are on the lookout for new cooperation partners in Asia and also Oceania.

Posted: 17 Dec. 2012

Infernus Fires Pest

Out of respect for and loyalty to Gorgoroth's audience and collaborators, Infernus has kicked Pest out of the band, effective immediately. This after Pest informed the band that he would not be prioritizing doing the upcoming Latin American tour after all, just two weeks before the band was set to depart for Brazil. Infernus has decided that the tour will go on as planned, though, and Hoest of Taake will replace Pest as vocalist on the tour starting on September 7, 2012. As for the next Gorgoroth studio album "Instinctus Bestialis", vocal duties will be handled by a Serbian Satanist known as Atterigner, of the band Triumfall (Forces of Satan Records).

Posted: 21 Aug. 2012

New Dates Added in Central America

Gorgoroth's Latin American tour in September 2012 in support of "Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt", presented by Norsk Kulturråd and FFUK, has been extended to also include dates in Central America. On the Brazil leg of the tour - the Setembro Negro Festival 2012 - Gorgoroth will be joined by Keep of Kalessin, and two of these concerts will also see Gorgoroth co-headlining with Autopsy. After this the tour will continue through Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Guatemala, with local support. The complete list of shows is as follows:

07.09.2012 - Brazil, Belo Horizonte/MG @ Music Hall (Setembro Negro Festival with Autopsy and Keep of Kalessin)
08.09.2012 - Brazil, São Paulo/SP @ Carioca Club (Setembro Negro Festival with Autopsy and Keep of Kalessin)
09.09.2012 - Brazil, Recife/PE @ Clube Atlântico de Olinda (Setembro Negro Festival with Keep of Kalessin)
10.09.2012 - Brazil, Porto Alegre/RS @ Beco (Setembro Negro Festival with Keep of Kalessin)
12.09.2012 - Colombia, Medellin @ Teatro Matacandelas
13.09.2012 - Colombia, Cali @ Av 5b # 25n-14 Local 102 (Antiguo Mistyc)
14.09.2012 - Colombia, Bogotá @ Teatro La Mama
15.09.2012 - Ecuador, Quito @ TBA
20.09.2012 - Costa Rica, San José @ Pepper's Club
21.09.2012 - El Salvador, San Salvador @ CIFCO
23.09.2012 - Guatemala, Guatemala City @ La Bodeguita Del Centro

Infernus will be available for the press in the following cities: São Paulo, Quito and San José. Any inquiries about the shows should be directed at Eduardo at Tumba Productions or Nelson Varela at Sylphorium Records.

Infernus and Asklund are continually at work on the next Gorgoroth album in Stockholm, and seeing as this work is getting closer and closer to a finished product Gorgoroth are now also looking for a new label to release the album. Interested parties can contact the band's management at Only serious inquiries will be replied to.

Posted: 31 Jul. 2012

Gorgoroth to Tour Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador

Gorgoroth will return to South America in September 2012 for a tour of Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. More information will be added at a later time. For questions regarding tickets etc., see and

06.09.2012 - Brazil, TBA
07.09.2012 - Brazil, Belo Horizonte/MG @ Music Hall
08.09.2012 - Brazil, São Paulo/SP @ Carioca Club
09.09.2012 - Brazil, TBAb
10.09.2012 - Brazil, Porto Alegre/RS @ Beco
12.09.2012 - Colombia, Medellin @ TBA
13.09.2012 - Colombia, Cali @ TBA
14.09.2012 - Colombia, Bogota @ TBA
15.09.2012 - Ecuador, Quito @ TBA

Posted: 31 May 2012

No Gorgoroth European Tour in May 2012

As many of you may have noticed, there has been no official statement from Gorgoroth confirming a European tour in May 2012, despite the fact that there have been several listings for such a tour on various non-band related websites, and there have even been tickets available for some of the supposed shows.

Since January 2012 we have intended to go on a 21-24 concert May tour of the UK, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc. And we have gone through a long process where ASP Concerts & Tourbooking (represented by Marcus Schreiber) were supposed to book this tour. It has been a nightmare process from day one, as Marcus Schreiber has shown a massive amount of both ill will and lack of ability in regards to arranging this in a professional and believable fashion.

I have waited as long as I possibly could in the hopes that this project would be possible to go through with after all, but after today it was clear to me that we have no other choice but to make a statement where we confirm that there will be no European tour in May 2012. This is of course very regrettable for the band, for the local promoters who have got involved in this mess, and for all those who wanted to see us perform in May. For this I am sorry. It was a mistake ignoring other people's warnings about working with ASP and Marcus Schreiber. Both booking companies and other bands have warned us against this. We will never again work with him, and would not recommend anyone else to do so either.

To our audience: Do NOT buy tickets for any Gorgoroth concert in May 2012. These concerts will not take place. If you have already done so, you should check with the local promoter or ticket vendor for a refund.

Infernus, 30.04.2012

Posted: 30 Apr. 2012

Tour Recap and News

Gorgoroth's 38 show European tour of November and December 2011 was a great success for the band, and we wish to thank the audience and also the local promoters for the warm welcome we received. Check out the tour report from Sheol Magazine here. A 6-page tour report can also be found in the February 2012 issue of the Norwegian magazine Alfa. We are currently looking into the possibility of doing another European tour as early as May 2012. More information on this when things are confirmed. Gorgoroth will also be featured in Norwegian metal magazine Helvete Magazine's January-March 2012 issue.

After a press conference in São Paulo last week, we are now pleased to announce that Gorgoroth will also return to Brazil in September 2012. A total of five concerts are planned:

06.09.12 - TBA
07.09.12 - Belo Horizonte
08.09.12 - São Paulo
09.09.12 - TBA
10.09.12 - Porto Alegre

Hopefully this tour will also include other Latin American countries. More information will be announced at a later stage.

Photo: Gwenn Coudert

Posted: 14 Feb. 2012